HQRM Centralization System & WEBRM Management System

Point Of Sale (POS) Software

HQRM & WEBRM offers retailers a complete retail management system that can be adapted to meet unique retail business requirements to improve in-stock positions, increase profit and better customer service while reducing labor costs, and decrease operation costs. Our POS Software are suitable for small, mid-size to large tier retailers.

The retail software & POS (point of sale) software is built on latest technologies and standards, and based on industry "Best Practices" infrastructure with an established and solid retail business logic. It is applicable for a single outlet, outlets at multiple locations as well. HQRM is a windows based web application, secure and scalable and flexible without limits.

 One HQRM centre system used by all outlets, warehouse and head quarter management
 Platform independent and able to communicate with multiple retail inventory systems
 Integrates with front-end POS system and backend WEBRM stock inventory system
 Outlets sales are automatically updated and reflected, without manual data entries
 Provide a secure environment to handle transactions across the LAN and WAN
 Provide data & event analysis reporting